RaDiOLoGy SoNgS pArT 3: PrIncEss SeReNiTY  

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I do not know if it was her eyes.
Or the gentle interlude of her lonely love songs.
But I loved her the first time I ever saw her -

The time keeper's daughter. The Engineer of SOrts.
The beautiful princess of the moon.

I have searched far and wide for my princess
Like the old kings of Bethlehem -
Charting the stars and planets. Deciphering -
even the sacred manuscripts of Enheduanna

Hoping to discover the reason for this silly EnChanTmeNt

I cannot forget my princess of the moon
Try as I may
Like a last song syndrome -
Or a bad case of Tooth Decay

And I even with Disease and Danger -
I will still brave the cold whims of fate just to be with her

For she is my past, my present
and my ever changing dream

I may never understand why I feel this way
for her - the last princess of the moon
Unlike her sisters Luna and Selene,
or my other demented addictions -

All I know is that I will never love anyone more than I loved her.

PruDenTiaL LiFe pRe NeeD CLoSUrE? PaRt 2  

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The government has ordered preneed firm Prudentialife Plans to suspend payment on all claims but continue payments for some terminated plans as it awaits action from the Insurance Commission (IC) on its proposal for relief and rehabilitation.

At the same time, Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Corp. was quick to clarify that it is not the company that is in financial trouble.


In a way it is correct in that it is the pre - need company that is in trouble.

But are they kidding me?

Since Last September 2010, the company has already been stripped by the Securities and Exchange Commission and was not allowed to sell new plans. And with this action, we have to ask who is at fault here?

Is it the plan holder for not knowing? Is it the Portfolio Managers who are too irresponsible in playing with other people's retirement account. Or the Company for their lack of Management Knowledge?

Its everybody's fault. The 2010 disclosure should have already been a warning sign for the plan holders to bail out. The SEC should likewise identify these portfolio managers, their credentials and investment strategies. Where did they invest the retirement and educational account of these policy holders?

The CEO should likewise be held liable for this sheer disregard of peoples money. Mismanagement cannot be tolerated.

Herein lies the dilemma as I firmly believe that we should not be fast in blaming the government. In fact we should help the government in pursuing these cases. There should be Administrative and Criminal Complaints filed to those responsible. A wake up call to the SEC if we want to be globally competitive. We ought to purge the ranks of the Philippine Capital Markets.

For it is only through constant vigilance that we can make our Capital Market worthy of investing.

PruDenTiaL LiFe prE - NeEd CLoSUrE?  

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I find it odd that there was no write up with regards to the conservatorship and corporate rehabilitation of Prudential Life.

Being a licensed Insurance agent, I know that this is a sign of horrible things to come. Conservatorship is short for a mismanaged portfolio.

Who are the portfolio managers?

Let's wait and find out.

ChRisTMas CaRoLs pArT 3: Aud LaNg SYnE  

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The First lesson we learned from Anatomy back in Medical School was to respect the dead. Dr. Decano would tell us not to flunk his examinations, however hard it was, as a way of thanking the cadavers for donating their bodies to science, so that we can at least help the living.

It is ironic that we were suppose to learn our humanity from dead.

I expected the same from our leaders. Then again in the face of this senseless tragedy, our Mayor decided to dump the cadavers in a garbage pit. Apparently, he was thinking of Infectious Diseases. Apparently, he was not aware, that infectious diseases are mostly parasites, feeding on host cells and DYING when the host Dies. Apparently, he was not aware that viruses are crystalline structures when seen outside its host cell. Apparently he was not aware that it is the living who transmit the disease and not the dead. Apparently he did not consider the mass option burial that the Mayor of Iligan City espoused. Apparently.

Apparently, I do not want to be like them.

That is why I organize medical missions without political, religious and social underpinnings. Don't get me wrong because I do have my share of trysts and machinations. I have hurt people and have been hurt by people. But in the face of all these disenchantment, I'd like to be in the side of those who heal rather than those who destroy.

I would like to be in the side of those who seek understanding rather than those bounded by fear.

I would like to be in the company of people who believe that human dignity is worth more than gold, religious fanaticism or the wealth of nations.

In behalf of the victims of Tibasak, Macasandig, my thanks to the donors and countless volunteers who have in time and again gave their souls and humanity so that the rest of us can have a chance at life.

This is my ode to the volunteers, to Tibasak, to my childhood place who has given me so much of my life and asked only that I remember her.

ChRisTMas CaRoLs pArT 2: SaNTa CLauS is CoMInG to ToWn  

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There is no story here. Only angst.
The destruction bought about by Sendong has left me speechless at the cruelty of life.
People are starting to compare us with Haiti. There are decomposing bodies everywhere.

On the other side of the planet, the President is having a party.
Manny Pacquiao just had his boat blessed.
Kris Aquino tells us that even if bad things are happening and many are sad,
Life should go on.
Our own Mayor Emano ordered the cadavers be placed in a dump site meant for garbage.
The big time loggers and the mining industry just celebrated an increase in their profits.

Apparently, there is a disconnect with reality.
Apparently, the book value of a human being is equivalent only to how much he earns or does.

I am not angry at Kris, or the President or Emano. At least not anymore. I mean how can I be?
They have the money to help us. They control the United Nations Relief Goods.

We are after all just another of their charity cases.
A population desperate for food, shelter and dignity.

Things which, as far as I can remember, are inscribed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I am however sad.
Sad because I expected extraordinary things from them.
They were suppose to be extraordinary people.
Like Brangelina and Oprah

They were suppose to see us -
In a vast array of decomposing carcass.

ChRisTMas CaRoLs pArT 1: O LiTTLe ToWn oF BeThLeHeM  

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When I listen to politicians discuss about what is wrong with the country, they all have something bad to say against the Philippine government. There is crime, dictatorship, corruption and a whole host of evil deeds, but the worst crime we can do to one another is neither corruption nor greed, it is APATHY.

For a few days now, our house in Macasandig, Cagayan de oro has laid in shambles due to the storm that ravaged our town. Everyone in our family is alive thank GOD and I am grateful that it was only property that was destroyed. Property after all, can be bought back, lives cannot.

There's a flood of emotions that I feel right now. I am angry.
Angry at Mayor Emano for placing those who died in the storm in a garbage dump like they were an eyesore.
Angry at the President for having a party while we suffered.
Angry at the illegal loggers and mining industry who destroyed our sanctuary.
But more importantly,
I am angry at myself for allowing these things to happen.

There is a lesson here. Or so I'd like to think.
You see when people see you suffer and yet pretend to not see you, it is an abomination.

When people see you as another body in a vast statistics is it reprehensible beyond compare, because now, it becomes a crime not against the state or the church but against our common humanity.

Never forget our humanity.

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